South Georgia Bank Teller Window

Fee Schedule

Customer Fee Schedule

Account Balancing Assistance (per visit) $25.00
Account Research, per Hour (Mi. $10.00) $50.00
Cashier's Checks for Customers $3.00
Cashier's Checks for Non-Customers $6.00
Cashing Check for Non-Customer $1 per $100
Collection Fee $25.00
Counter Checks (10 pack) $5.00
Domestic Wires $25.00
Dormant Accounts (fee per month) $5.00
Drilling Safe Deposit Box $60.00
Duplicating Safe Deposit Box Key (per key) $25.00
Early Closure Fee-Checking/Savings $10.00
Fax Service (Outgoing) $.50 per Page
Personalized Checks Depends on Style
Instant Statement/Checking/Savings $5.00
International Wires (Outgoing) $75.00
International Wires (Incoming) $50.00
Late fee for Safe Deposit Box Rental $20.00
Levy or Garnishment Fee $100.00
Medallion Guarantee Fee $50.00
Negative Balance Charge* $1.00 per Day
Night Deposit Bag Fee (1st one Free) $10.00
Night Deposit Lost Key $25.00
Notary Service (Non-Customer) $5.00
NSF Paid Item Overdraft Fee* $33.00
NSF Return Item Fee* $33.00
Replace Lost Debit Card $10.00
Reproduce Lost Bank Statement $6.00
Reproduce Lost Checks (per item) $5.00
Reproduce Year-End Interest Statement $15.00
Safe Deposit Box 10"x10" Annual Rate $80.00
Safe Deposit Box 3"x10" Annual Rate $45.00
Safe Deposit Box 3"x 5" Annual Rate $25.00
Safe Deposit Box 5"x10" Annual Rate $60.00
Safe Deposit Box 5"x5" Annual Rate (Hinesville Only) $35.00
Savings NSF Paid Item Overdraft fee* $33.00
SGB "Bill Pay" Monthly Fee $4.95
Stop Payments-each** $33.00
Sweep Fee (Automatic-Each Sweep) $2.00
Transfer Fee (Employee-Assisted) $5.00

*Overdrafts are created by check, in person, withdrawal, or other electronic means. (ATM/POS excluded)

**Stop payments on check or draft authority revocation.

Services & Perks

Mortgage Loans

Let South Georgia Bank help you make your dream of owning a home come true with a mortgage loan tailored just for you.

Repo List

Real Estate & Automobiles. Inventory changes regularly.

Mobile Banking

With South Georgia Bank’s Mobiliti banking you can access your accounts remotely with your Cell phone or other mobile access device.

Visa Check Card

South Georgia Bank offers business Debit Cards for our commercial accounts as well as personal Debit cards.

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Glennville Office: (912) 654-1051
Claxton Office: (912) 739-0400
Reidsville Office: (912) 557-1051
Hinesville Office: (912) 408-1051

For a lost or stolen Debit Card,
please call 800-554-8969.

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